Fondant & Gum Paste Tool Set - 9pcs
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Fondant & Gum Paste Tool Set - 9pcs

Brand: Wilton
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WILTON-Fondant & Gum Paste Tool Set. Creating beautiful fondant and gum paste flowers and decorations is easier when you have the right tools. The tool set is perfect for precise shaping, detailed modeling and elegant flower making! This package contains seven 6- 1/2 inch tools with two different ends (one large and small veining tool for detailing, one eight division umbrella and cone tool that shapes flower centers, one small and large dog bone tool for imprinting detail and dimension, one umbrella five/six division tool that marks petal divisions, one shell and comb tool that imprints detail or adds hair and fur texture, one large and small ribbon inserter tool that inserts ribbon pieces and one extra-large and extra-small ball tool that thins and ruffles edges) one pallet knife and fine tweezers, all in one 7x8-1/2x1-1/2 inch storage case.

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